Get Happy & Stay Happy with The Way of the Tortoise. Grand prizewinner will take home THE happiness bundle of 2019; a toolkit including a 4 month happiness journal, quotes book, affirmation book, pen, gratitude bracelet, pebbles, postcards, & happiness top-tips challenge guide.
happiness hamper
The Ultimate Happiness Tool Kit from The Way of the Tortoise. Supercharge your life for success.

The hamper includes effective, practical tools to improve happiness including tips, tricks and tools for mindfulness, gratitude, contribution, inspiring quotes, affirmations and more:
  • Journal to Happiness – the best-selling journal that is more than just a diary; Includes 3 months of daily question pages, challenges, quotes, monthly habit tracker, tips, advice, scientifically backed information and real life cases studies from the world of science, psychology and personal development. 
  • Affirmation Book – powerful personalized phrases to help you create & embed a positive mindset.

  • Quotes Book – crammed full of quotes from the world’s greatest thinkers to help you stay inspired and happy every day.

  • Gratitude Bracelet – a constant reminder to stay grateful for what you already have.
  • Wall Hanger – this beautifully designed compact sign will remind you of the importance of your home as a place of refuge, love and peace.
  • Happy pebbles – 5 gentle reminders to keep you connected, mindful, and moving in the right direction.
  • Branded pen and gift box - Perfect for writing in a daily journal or making your daily lists.
  • Inspirational postcards – 20 uniquely designed with hand -picked images and inspirational quotes. Spread the happiness by sending these lovely messages to friends and loved ones.
  • Happiness Hamper Guide – find out how to max-out your happiness by following these exercises, tips, and tricks