Come Join Us

Hi, Klaus here. I created The Way of the Tortoise with my business partner Gal because research shows that one of the most important factors of a long, happy life is a sense of connection and community. 

Our FREE Facebook Group is a steadily growing group of lovely people who support each other by sharing inspirational happiness tips and practical advice. The philosophy is simple, we focus on taking small steps (like a tortoise) because long-lasting change takes time. We believe that caring about each other is pretty important in the big scheme of things. 

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious (or would just like to keep your bubbly personality on a slow simmering heat) then this is the place for you.

A happier life can be achieved by using simple science-backed positive daily habits; mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, gratitude, and a positive mindset. You’ll get loads of practical tips on all of these habits, and much more.

Here's the thing, we're not usually ones to blow our own trumpet but this group is quite possibly the nicest, kindest place on social media! 


“Thank you for having me in this group with such lovely messages of support and guidance. I am a widow of five years and struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. It really makes a difference.” - Margaret 



I had no idea about this group and how much kindness and empathy and encouragement it would bring me. Thank you for being so supportive and making it so personal. Thank you.” - Magda 



“I love reading all the positive supportive comments in this group A friendly word can make all the difference to someone’s day- and to our own!” - Sally 



“Everyone is so generous with their suggestions and so kind and loving. Thank you all for reminding me to be kind to myself, and to accept everything for what it is.” - Grace️

Does it sound like your cup of tea? Why not join us. Pop your details below and we'll see you there.

Klaus & Gal