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I am grateful to have discovered this. It's helping me through a sudden dark period of my life. It's warmly written, grounded in reality, and it doesn't tell you off. It's gentle and it really helps. You just have to let it - Nicky Kinsella

Thank you for such a beautiful book. Beautiful in terms of physical quality and colour, as well as the insightful content - Maria Tallon

Hi, I recently bought the Journal to Happiness for my Goddaughter who is recovering from mental ill health. She is delighted. The book's format follows the structure of therapy she's recently completed and she says it's the perfect next step. Her mother is so thrilled she placed an order for another one this morning and I will be for my own daughter too. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It's made a world of difference – J.G.

Hi Guys, I would just like to say Thank you for sending out my order! I absolutely love it and really appreciate it how lovely it all is. I’m sure it will help me to de clutter some of my constant and busy mind, it’s never very silent so I am hoping to find some calm with The Way of the Tortoise. Thank you so much - Donna Yorke

I'm already seeing a difference, the pace and encouragement through the journal is so good and perfect for my needs, it can be adapted so easily for anyone, I love my journal, thank you x - Aud Jones

I came upon your website via Facebook & decided to treat myself to the bundle. I could not be happier, what a lovely idea you have had and I am sure that it has helped many people. I am looking forward to starting my slow steady journey. Keep up the great work & thank you for all that you are doing. Stay safe - Marie Bedford

First up can I say a huge thank you! My lovely Mum bought me the Happiness Bundle. It is without a doubt one of the loveliest gifts I've ever received. I love it! - Carrie Gibbs

I wanted to let you know how much I have gained from journalling. I am recently trained as a mindfulness teacher but wanted to try the journal to see if it was something I could recommend to clients. I found parts of the journal difficult yet self revealing. It has helped me more than I thought it ever could - thank you - Julie Perrigo

I’ve bought your journal and am approaching it very slowly. Reading a passage morning and night at the moment so not actually journaling yet. However, it already has me thinking and noticing what I am doing. Looking forward to journaling - Barbara Lee

Your journal is brilliant. Although I've only been using it for 10 days I do feel better. I will be buying another 1 when it runs out - Louise Runnacles

Just letting you know that I got my journal. I absolutely love it, fabulous content and the cover is just beautiful. I've got plenty of time on my hands to enjoy working through it now too! I'll order again from you for future gifts. Thank you - Nicola Smith

Love it! Fab product! Wishing you well and "happiness" - Lynn Drew

I'm only 3 days into doing my journal but I feel it's already making a difference and slowly helping me to think differently - Sarah Hawkins

Journalling became a big part of my life many years ago, it has lifted me out of negative things and had given me so much strength. There was days I could have given up. When I read back I’m amazed how far I have come.Take care and all the very best to you both - Jacqueline Williams

I love this journal, I’m the kind of person who needs a recipe! And this is the journal version - brilliantly written guidance and a really beautiful book. Thankyou, I love it - Gemma

Absolutely love mine & so do the kids and even hubby. So much positivity in this hard uncertain time, thank you! - Alison S Foster

This has helped save me, thank you - Helen Louise

The Way of the Tortoise, Yay! Love it - Michelle Collins

Hello Klaus, I received your journal today. In these very troubled times this has come to me like a beautiful ray of sunshine and I wanted to thank you. What I have read is both uplifting and reaffirming that life is beautiful and although there are always going to be tough times just believe in how amazing we all are as human beings and be grateful for the now. Thank you - Jane Russell

I journal each morning and sometimes at night, sometimes a few words sometimes a paragraph. It gives a great release, and reminds me of the person I truly am and where I am going. I also write my gratitudes and give love and thanks for all the good in my life. I sit quiet and listen to my thinking and I let go of the thoughts with love, that do not belong to me. Thank you - Jacqueline Williams

Love love love my journal! - Lisa Rimmer

My son is very down after losing his best friend a few weeks ago. I’m really hoping this book will help him a little along the way. Thank you - Helen Clayfield

I have been procrastinating over many things in my life for a long time and I want a new fresh start. Difficult times we are all facing now, but I want to feel that happiness, organised me again! Hope you have a fabulous day and thank you - Debbie Payne

My journal arrived yesterday, it is a lovely book and my journey begun this morning, I will put my thoughts and targets down for each day. Stay safe - Lynda Scully

I have the journal and hamper and am using them both together. In this trying time - I have 2 children at home and I am working nights in a care home - I find the stones and cards very helpful in when I feel down, I just take a card or stone and do what it says and i feel a lot better. Hope everyone is staying safe and i know we will all get through this if we all do as the guidelines say. Please stay safe and remember the way of the tortoise - Susan Green

Have just received my journal and I'm very happy with it! Good value for money and especially soothing during these difficult times. Well done x - Ilona Mueller

Love this journal - Caroline Young

Great book! - Joy Guthrie

Enjoying my journal - it certainly is a comfort during these tough times x - Tracey Pinfield

No question this is the best purchase I've made in a few years. I shopped around for a new journal and went for this (& I have to be honest) it's because I loved the colour! But inside the beautiful design it's really rather brilliant. Down to earth, practical tips and everything is explained very nicely. Can't recommend highly enough - C. Massett

This is such a beautiful thing. the tone of the writing is light and supportive, very friendly and i love the philosophy of taking small steps. Simple structure, nicely laid out and most importantly it's actually encouraging me to journal everyday which helps lifts my mood. love it! - Sam Harrison