The 7 Day Happiness Challenge

This powerful FREE seven-day video course will gently guide you to a happier you with simple techniques backed by the latest research from neuroscience and psychology.

Your smile is just one click away.



  • Do you struggle with self-confidence?
  • Would you like to be happier but you're not sure where to start?
  • Would you benefit from learning how to cope with anxiety and stress?

This course will provide practical steps to get you right back on track.


What will I learn?


Easy-to-follow practical tips and tools backed by the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. There is no intense studying, you simply watch a daily video and then apply the learning to your day. After the course, you’ll have a wealth of happiness tools that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Includes over 90 minutes of video tutorials plus information, guidance, and exercises designed to transform your mindset and outlook. You'll join alongside your "classmates" and have access to your own private Facebook group for on going support, and to share thoughts, questions, and interact with your peers. 


Day One:    Gratitude   

Day Two:    Mindfulness

Day Three: Contribution

Day Four:   Affirmation

Day Five:    Meditation

Day Six:      Nutrition

Day Seven: Journalling


 What is The Tortoise Way?

A slow and steady approach to long-lasting change means you go at your own pace and embed new positive habits. Focusing on small daily steps means you never get overwhelmed and are more likely to keep going! 

 Meet Your Teacher

Klaus White is a qualified teacher, trainer and co-founder of the Way of the Tortoise.

His practical approach to personal development and mindset has helped thousands of people to improve their outlook, mindset and become happier.

Previous clients include Mercedes Benz. Daimler, Pinpoint, Jaguar, Hasbro, SKY, ITV, BBC, Institute of Financial Wellbeing, & Wellbeing in Business 2020.