Why Journal?

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You could spend your life seeking answers ‘out there.’ You could become distracted by believing that “one day I’ll be happy when I achieve this, or learn that, or go there”. Or instead you could accept the empowering belief that your inner happiness and the the answers you seek are within you, just waiting to be uncovered.

The habit of journalling (alongside other positive daily habits, such as mindfulness, gratitude and meditation) can bridge that gap to uncover who we are and keep us mindful of the present moment. 

Journalling helps you to learn about your desires, goals, passion, emotions, hidden thoughts, and your inherent wisdom. You will be prompted to ask yourself the right questions. Once you have clarity on what is going on for you as an individual, your values, goals, feeling, wants and desires then you have the insights to take practical steps towards setting and achieving the things that give you balance & harmony (happiness)

“Successful people ask better questions,
and as a result get better answers.”

– Tony Robbins

If you saw a consultant for medical treatment and they prescribed medication before diagnosing your condition you would have questions about their methods. Yet we so often do this to ourselves without a second thought. We take action without establishing the problem. Why? Because we want fast results. But in life, long lasting change will not happen quickly. An acorn will not grow into an oak tree overnight. There is a natural process to follow. Furthermore, the kind of oak tree is determined by conditions. With space, time, sun and rain it will grow mighty and powerful. But if the tree is crowded and starved of essential elements it will become a very different tree.

We know the importance of patience, self-care, and love but we so often fail to nurture ourselves. Either because we don’t fully understand our needs or we are too busy in our hectic lives to value the importance of our actions. That is where a carefully structured journal can help. Follow the wisdom within the pages for just a few minutes every day and you will begin to flourish, to grow, and be happier. 


Self knowledge:

‘Know thyself’ is arguably the cornerstone of all personal development. Establish a realistic and honest sense of who you are and then you can explore where to go next to benefit your own development. Whatever path you take, first gain insights into who you really are and then take your first step. One step follows the next, and like a tortoise don;t rush. With persistence and focus you will get there.

Happy travels. 

Klaus White is a Trainer, Educator, proud Dad, 
& co-founder of The Way of the Tortoise 

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