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We all want to be happy

The human desire for happiness unites every person on the planet and yet there is no one-size-fits-all guide to achieving it. Fortunately you can create your own guide, and it's called journalling.

Imagine for a moment you are in an unfamiliar city. The good news is that you have a map with your destination marked clearly. The bad news is you don’t know your current location. Wouldn't your first logical action be to find your bearings? To establish where you are right now? 

Accept the empowering belief that everything you need for a happy life is already inside you.  By adopting the habit of journalling you will gain clarity about your inner desires, goals, passion, and wisdom. Then you can take practical steps towards achieving your unique balance & harmony.

Wherever you find yourself on the map and whatever path you take, have persistence (like the tortoise) and know that you will get there. 

Happy travels. 


Klaus White is a coach, educator, writer, proud Dad, 
& co-founder of
The Way of the Tortoise 

The Habit of Habits

Positive habits

Positive habits are the corner stone of The Way of the Tortoise philosophy.
Simple daily repetition creates neural pathways in our brain that literally wires us for happiness. The act of consciously deciding which habits fill our day really can make the difference between living the life we desire or a pale imitation. Which would you prefer?

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The Power of Gratitude

Much has been written about the correlation between adopting an attitude of gratitude and happiness. The daily practice of appreciating what we already have keeps us mindful and living our life in the present.
With the stresses and strains of your day to day life, planning, adopting and then sticking to a set of positive habits is a challenge. 

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Self Reflection

We create harmony for ourselves by aligning our inner and outer worlds. If these two aspects of our 'self' are not in sync then conflict will arise. Often in the form of anger, frustration, unhappiness. It makes perfect sense. It's impossible to say one thing and do another without feeling a sense of inner conflict. The question to ask your self is am I being true to myself? or are my two worlds aligned?

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