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The Way of the Tortoise

slow & steady

Self-improvement strategies often rely on the all or nothing approach.

Instead The Way of the Tortoise is a gentle and supportive structure backed by the latest research from psychology and neuroscience. The insights, information, and tools will help you focus on easy-to-adopt, small changes to create long lasting happiness, and it only take 5 minutes every day!

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The Habit of Habits

Positive habits

The daily repetition of positive habits create neural pathways in our brains that literally 'rewire' us for happiness.

Deciding which habits will fill your day could make the difference between living the life you desire...

The Power of Gratitude

Adopting an attitude of gratitude is linked to happiness. The simple act of appreciating what we already have keeps us more mindful and happier. 

Feeling grateful for a minute a day will help to shift negative self talk and feelings...

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Self Reflection

Harmony is created by aligning our inner and outer worlds to avoid conflict  such as frustration & unease

The act of journalling will help to uncover hidden desires and feelings. You will feel empowered to align your actions...