Hi there,
There's so much more to us than the Happiness Journal you know!
Our Way of the Tortoise Facebook Group is open to our amazing customers and followers of happiness. We set it up to complement the journal and it's taken on a life of it's own.
You'll get the latest information, tips, tools and advice on how to get happy and stay happy plus a free Download of our Happiness PDF.
It's grown slowly and steadily (of course) into a rather special place full of brilliant people who want to help each other! So whatever you're going through, you'll never feel alone with this support network of like minded individuals ready to offer help and advice.
There's practical wisdom on journalling, mindfulness, gratitude, mindset and motivation for your slow, steady journey, and if you'd rather just watch the posts instead of joining in that's cool too.
Have a fantastic day. See you there!
Klaus & Gal
The Way of the Tortoise