Double Happiness Bundle - Save £10 and get FREE UK Shipping - The Way of the Tortoise

Double Happiness Bundle - Save £5 and get FREE UK Shipping


"I'm in awe of this book with everything it covers and how well put together it is. 
Underpinned by psychological theory and all the things I would recommend to my clients"

Kelly Watkins, Psychologist & CBT Therapist

Want to be happier but not sure how?
Journalling is recommended by GPs, psychotherapists, and counsellors as a way to improve mindset, happiness and well-being. Benefits include reducing stress, allowing self-expression, self-acceptance, inspiring creativity, organising your thoughts, and setting and achieving clear goals.

  • A Journal to Happiness will gently guide you with wisdom, advice, questions, and daily prompts to keep you writing and thinking positively.

  • The slow and steady, small step approach will help you to uncover personal insights about who you are, and what you need in your life to be happy.

Part One
Brief but detailed mini-chapters about the importance of adopting positive daily habits. such as gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, contribution, exercise, nutrition, affirmation, goal setting, laughter, and more. Includes practical tips, case studies and exercises.

Part Two
The daily journal pages include a list of short questions and prompts based on the tools outlined in part one; carefully selected bullet points requiring only a few lines, so you'll never feel overwhelmed.


“I cannot believe the progress I have made in the time I have been journalling. After a lifetime of 'help' from mental health
services that always left me feeling worse about everything, I feel I am finally finding myself.”

Manda Lowery



  • Maintain a positive mindset

  • Stay inspired with inspirational quotes on every page 

  • Bonus weekly questions to get you thinking deeper

  • Monthly habit tracker to chart your happiness levels 

  • Real-life stories and case-studies to cement the learning

  • 120 daily journal pages (4 months)

  • 30% OFF future purchases with the bookmark (included)


“The Happiness Journal is such a joy, an exploration, a comfort, and a revelation and I would not have missed it for the world.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

- Julie Ferne 



Double Happiness Bundle - Save £5 and get FREE UK Shipping